Siqi Mou

Siqi Mou is co-founder and CEO of HelloAva, a personal care consultant that works with the power of AI.


Birth Year: Unknown year
Country of birth:


2016, Stanford University, Master of Business Administration
2016, Harvard University, Master of Public Administration in International Development
2011, Stanford University, Bachelor Degree in Business Administration

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Early days

Since studying at Standford, Siqi expressed interest in the beauty and fashion industry. At Stanford Business School, she learned what was necessary to create a business plan, test the value proposition, interview potential clients. From there, she dared to undertake.

In 2014, Siqi Mou worked as a correspondent for Bloomberg TV Indonesia, where he reported on financial matters such as the IDX-Jakarta exchange. He also worked at Morgan Stanley in the Federal Reserve.


Siqi Mou began to undertake with a chatbot via SMS that understood the customer feedback and the experience on which they were based. From there, she and her team created a platform that used Facebook Messenger. With the chatbot, Siqi could better understand what users liked and what they didn't like from their experience in a web application.

Your startup HelloAva has reached 70k subscribers, in addition to closing an alliance with Unilever, a giant in the sector. So far, the company has managed to raise $ 1.5 million in investments.

Among the objectives that HelloAva seeks for the future is to make the services available on more platforms, not only through a website.
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Other facts

Siqi has practiced piano for more than 20 years and is currently a music ambassador for Carnegie Hall in New York. Forbes selected it as in its '30 under 30' list in the consumer technology sector.


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