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Shachi Dave

Shachi Dave is a founder member of the Google India Research Team. She focuses on improving natural language understanding.


• Indian Instititute of Technology Bombay, Bachelor degree in Software Engineering
• 2003, University of Souther California, Master degree in Computer Sciences

//Early days

Shachi was born and raised in India. When she was studying college, she took a course on Artificial Intelligence and this made her more curious in the area.
This ultimately led her to do research in machine translation at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay and later she went on to graduate from the University of Southern California. After this, she dedicated herself to working for startups focused on using NLP and machine learning.


Shachi was interested in finding greater intellectual challenges and solving increasingly difficult problems, she sought to enter Google, a company that had a growing reputation for computing power and large-scale problem-solving.

Shachi joined the Google team twelve years ago and returned to India to take on research and leadership responsibilities. Since she joined the company, she has worked with teams from Mountain View, New York, Zurich, and Tel Aviv. She actively contributes to improving diversity and inclusion at Google through mentoring for female software developers.

Shachi’s job is to ensure that computers are able to understand and interact with humans naturally in the field of Natural Language Processing. Her research has found that many users in India mix English with their native language when interacting with technology. The efforts of her team seek to make services available in every language and culture.

In India, they face the challenge of being a multilingual country with 22 official languages. Sachi has seen friends, family, and even strangers struggle with technology when it is not available in their language, although it may work well in another language.

In the twelve years that she has been working for Google, Sachi has seen qualitative improvements such as the launch of Google Search and Assistant, tools that have impacted the lives of millions of people.


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//Other facts

Shachi helped introduce local improvements like helping the Assistant play the songs they want to hear. As a member of an underrepresented group in the tech industry, she’s been through tough times. However, at all times she has had the support of allies who have helped her. For this reason, she has sought to return this support by becoming a mentor for underrepresented groups both inside and outside of Google.


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