Seba Gamboa

Seba Gamboa is the Chilean programmer who, together with Nicolás Orellana, founded Welcu, a platform to sell tickets.


Birth Year: Unknown year
Country of birth:


2010, Universidad de Chile, Computational Engineering

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Early days

Seba Gamboa was born in Chile with an innate passion for technology. After studying Computing at the University of Chile in 2010, he decided to look for new ones and left the classrooms to start with his true passions: entrepreneurship and technology.


In October 2010, he founded Welcu together with Nicolás Orellana, in the dining room of the Orellana's department. In December 2011, they moved to an office in Santiago de Chile thanks to the closing of a small round of angel capital. In March of that same year, they moved to Silicon Valley, leaving an excellent team in Santiago. He raised capital with TomorrowVentures and incubated with 500 startups in the second acceleration group, being the first Latin America company supported by these funds.

Welcu is a platform that allows managing an event from sending digital invitations, to the accreditation and ticket sales. Now Welcu works with thousands of organizers in Chile, Peru, Colombia, and Mexico.

With offices in 4 countries, during these years of service, Welcu has managed to develop more than 3,5K relationships between clients, and users, have generated more than 4M tickets, sent more than 2M RSVP Invitations and accredited in massive events to more of 1M people.

Its mission: To help more people to live unique experiences in incredible places, innovating in their products to inspire and deliver tools that empower their clients in the organization of their events.
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Other facts

Welcu was chosen one of the best 100 innovations in Chile by ProChile in 2012, and the Best Startup in Chile in 2012. Currently, Welcu is a consolidated company in the region with an incredible team in its offices in Santiago de Chile and Bogota, Colombia.

Seba Gamboa is not only an entrepreneur. He has also given several talks and workshops on innovation between 2009 and 2014. He has used his skills as a programmer to help, too. He joined in the hackathons organized by Digitales por Chile in 2010.

Currently, Seba Gamboa works at Microsoft as a developer.


Seba Gamboa : @SagMor


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