Sandra Whelan

Sandra Whelan is COO of Immersive VR Education, a platform for educative VR contents.
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Early days

Sandra Whelan has extensive experience working with large contract management corporations. The idea of creating a virtual education company was designed with her husband, David, who is a web designer. Sandra stayed in her full-time job while he developed the business model in an incubator.

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In 2014, Sandrá co-founded Immersive VR Education with her husband, David Whelan. The vision she had was to develop a platform that would allow a virtual education for a global audience.

With this goal, they developed educational experiences based on virtual reality, in such a way that they obtained a nomination at the Venice Film Festival for their work in this experience.

During this period, Sandra also worked as an editor and content creator of a virtual reality website, which allowed her to meet key software developers in the industry.

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Other facts

Sandra Whelan was a member of the Waterford Local Enterprise jury member Irelands Best Young Entrepreneur Competition in 2017, where she evaluated the three finalists for the National Category Awards; 'Best Business Idea,' 'Best Start-up' and 'Best Established Business.' In March 2018, Sandra and her team successfully placed shares in Immersive VR Education Holdings in the London and Ireland market.

After this, Sandra and her husband received The Irish Times Entrepreneur of the Month Award in March 2018 and were finalists of the EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2018 Awards under the Emerging Category.


Sandra Whelan : @vreducation

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