Sandra Gatica

Sandra Gatica is CEO of Rayen Salud, a medical technology company known for its innovation in Chile.


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2005, University of Chile, Bachelor's degree in Civil Industrial, Operation Management

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Early days

Sandra Gatica studied Civil Engineering at the University of Chile. In 2007, the founder of Rayen Salud invited Sandra to join Rayen Salud, a medical technology company. At that time, the company had no more than 40 employees, and the doctors were skeptical about how they could incorporate new technologies into their work process in Chile.


In Chile, only one in five women is in the technology area. Sandra Gatica has been one of the few women who managed to position themselves in an executive position in the technology industry.

For Sandra Gatica, women make a fundamental contribution to science and technology, for which it is necessary to have equal participation in the industry, primarily when they represent 50% of the population.

In Rayen Salud, Sandra Gatica helped in the development of new technological tools for doctors, a process that is not simple, since a cultural change was required. Rayen Salud encouraged doctors to leave the paper and start using computers in their work process.

In 2017 the company reached 170 employees, with 700 IT projects for the incorporation of Health Centers to new technologies both in Chile and in other Latin American countries. The core business of Rayen Salud is the implementation of Electronic Clinical Registry services.
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Other facts

Sandra Gatica and Rayen Salud have received awards from Chiletec and the C3 ranking for creativity and innovation. To offer new technological solutions, Rayen Salud has promoted an Open Acceleration Program.


Sandra Gatica : @GaticaSandri

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