Rémi Vespa

Rémi Vespa, born in 1957 in France, is a software business entrepreneur, Co-founder and President of Blue Trail Software since 2012.


• 1979: Université de Nice-Valrose, Maestria en Matematicas
• 2016: Benedictine University, Ph.D. en Filosofia (liderazgo con base a valores),

Early days

Remi D. Vespa has a track record of 35 years in the software and semiconductor industries, including over 20 years of experience as CEO. He acquired his in-depth executive management experience in the major marketplaces (USA, Western Europe, Latin America and Northern Asia).

Rémi Vespa first taught mathematics at the University of Rennes, and data modeling at the University of Paris.

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Rémi Vespa created Conceptor (1985), a software solution for the analysis and design of large projects, with thousands of users worldwide. The success of Conceptor yielded to the acquisition of Delta Software, a Swiss-German software company whose solution was used by most large European corporations. As CEO of the engineering group (1990-1994), Remi was reporting directly to Leo Apotheker, former CEO of Hewlett Packard and SAP.

His former positions include CEO of Silicon Recognition (2000-2002), a semiconductor company; Senior Vice-President at Dynasty Technologies, an Illinois based leading provider of high-end software solutions for mission critical applications (1994-2000); and Vice President of Groupe IBSI, the then arm of France Télécom in the Systems Integration arena (over 1,500 employees).

Remi co-founded his current venture, Blue Trail Software, a software development ecosystem, in 2012. To date, Blue Trail Software has operations in the USA, Mexico, Argentina and Uruguay and specializes in bringing advanced software solutions to the market.


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Other facts

The PhD dissertation of Rémi Vespa (2016) summarized his research work on loosely coupled systems, and how they apply to creating and managing people-centric organizations (holacracies). Rémi Vespa was also Advisor to the French Foreign Trade Office.


Rémi Vespa : @remivespa


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