Peng Lei

Peng Lei is CEO if Ant Financial Services Group, co-founder of Alibaba, and one of the 21 Chinese billionaires, according to Forbes.


• 1994, Commercial Institute of Hangzhou, Bachelor degree in Business Administration

Early days

In 1994, Peng Lei was received as business administrator by Para of the Hangzhou Institute of Commerce. After graduation, he taught Economics and Finance at the University of Zhejing Gongshang. Peng Lei stopped giving classes after getting married, and I think with her husband Taobao, a marketplace similar to eBay and with reminiscences of Alibaba.

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Peng Lei and her husband joined Jack Ma to found Alibaba in September 1999. Among the responsibilities she held in the company, was the administration of the Alibaba human resources department that she created. Among his achievements is having created the "mom and pop" model of Alibaba, focused on teamwork, motivation, and performance assessments.

From January 2010 to February 2013, Peng was the CEO of Alipay, which became the most successful payment method in China under her administration, and the user base was expanded to 800 million in 2014. At the end of 2014, the company was evaluated at $ 60 billion.

In March 2013, Peng became CEO of Alibaba's microfinance services, where he made significant progress in the innovation of mobile payment systems. In 2013, Peng was a strong candidate to become the CEO of Alibaba, but another person got the job.

In 2014, Peng founded Ant Financial Services Group. In 2016, Ant Financial broke the record for obtaining the highest amount of fundraising for an Internet company by raising $ 4.5 billion, which made the startup value a $ 60 billion evaluation.

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Other facts

Peng became a billionaire in 2014 when Alibaba went out to the public. Peng has been named one of the wealthiest millionaires, according to Forbes.


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