sophie kim

Sophie Kim

Sophie Kim is a Korean entrepreneur and former Goldman Sachs analyst. She is CEO and founder of Market Kurly.

Pavel Valerevich Durov

Pavel Durov is the CEO and founder of VK, a Russian social network.

Gabriel Braga

Gabriel Braga is the CEO and co-founder of Quinto Andar, a Brazilian Real State startup.

Oliver Samwer

Oliver Samwer is the CEO a co-founder of Rocket Internet, a tech incubator company.
Yuri Milner

Yuri Borisovich Milner

Yuri Milner is a Russian businessman. He is executive of Mail.ru Group.
Luciana Reznik

Luciana Reznik

Luciana Reznik is an Argentine entrepreneur, founder, and executive of the technology company Wolox.
Hu Weiwei Mobike Founder

Hu Weiwei

Hu Weiwei is a Chinese journalist and businesswoman. She is the co-founder of the Mobike bike-sharing company.

Ammar Roslizar

Ammar Roslizar is a Malaysian entrepreneur. He is also the CEO and founder of ARBA Travel & Tours, a Halal…

Alex Tinsman

Alex Tinsman is the CEO of NEM, a company that promotes the adoption and development of Blockchain.

Gerardo Obregón

Gerardo Obregón is the founder and CEO of Prestadero, a Mexican Fintech of P2P lending.
ceo of lg group Koo kwang-mo

Koo Kwang-mo

Koo Kwang-mo is a Korean businessman, Chief Executive of LG Group.

Ayesha Khanna

Ayesha Khanna is an entrepreneur in artificial intelligence, CEO of ADDO AI.