Nicolas Szekasy

Nicolas Szekasy is an Argentine economist and founder of Kazsek Ventures, which is a very important accelerator in Latin America.


Birth Year: 1965
Country of birth:


1988: Universidad de Buenos Aires, Economy
1991: Stanford Business School, Business MBA

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Early days

After graduation, Szekasy worked at Pepsico and Supermercados Norte, where he began a successful career in finance. At the beginning of 2000, his Stanford partner Marcos Galperin, together with Hernan Kazah, invited him for the development of an online auction project, Latino eBay. This venture, later became the successful company Mercado Libre, which is the second most valuable company in Argentina, is quoted at $ 12,000 million and is one of the most successful companies in Latin America.

It was in 2009, after leading the exit to the Nasdaq of Mercado Libre, that Szekasy left the company and Kazah took over. Two years later, he also explored new directions, based on his need to "do other things and be more in touch with entrepreneurs who had just started."

The goal of approaching Latin American entrepreneurs originated from his experience in Mercado Libre, where he met many startups that needed help and, above all, venture capital.


It is in 2011, when Nicolás Szekasy together with Hernán Kazah, founded Kaszek Ventures, a venture capital firm, focused on the technology industry in Latin America.

Kaszek Ventures is the largest venture capital fund in Argentina and the only one with access to Silicon Valley to obtain funding.

With more than 400 million dollars in the portfolio, Kaszek is today an undisputed reference among technological entrepreneurs in Latin America. It's the principal fund of the region.
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Other facts

Kaszek invests in companies in the initial stage, but with a path, based in Latin America and with potential. Since 2011, Kaszek Ventures has disbursed $ 230 million in 45 companies, of which 26 remain in its portfolio. Among them, Netshoes, Tienda Nube, ComparaOnline and Open English.


Nicolas Szekasy : @nszekasy

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