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Nicolás Orellana

Nicolás Orellana is a Chilean entrepreneur who has been recognized worldwide by Welcu


• 2010: Columbia Business School, Business ECLA
• 2006: Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaíso, Industrial Civil Engineering

//Early days

His first business as an entrepreneur was founding Webprendedor in 2007, originally a small meeting between friends to talk about technology, which today is the largest Internet conference in Chile. The conferences have managed to attract more than 3,000 people to the conferences and have managed to collect more than 300,000 for their events. Thanks to Webprendedor, Nicolás Orellana was able to work around the world and while attending conferences in various countries around the world, such as Buenos Aires, Miami, San Francisco, London, Madrid, etc.

In 2008, Nicolás Orellana founded OW, a digital agency that helped him develop technology for big brands, using big budgets. He spent two and a half years working with brands like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Unilever and several others, in total there were 35 clients, including a presidential candidate in Chile. I finish working since I notice that his interests were not in marketing, but working with technology.


Thanks to his work at Webprendedor, Nicolás Orellana got to know many people, including the founder of the company Needish, this company would eventually be acquired by Groupon, which managed operations in Latin America. In August 2010, the Vice President of Groupon contacted him, asking him to start developing products with him.

Shortly after, they founded Welcu in October 2010, a company focused on managing high-end events. He and his co-founder worked for a time in November solving legal problems and making the first hires. In December the company would move to an office in Santiago, thanks to the closing of a round of angel investors.

Nicolás Orellana later went to Silicon Valley, where they managed to raise capital with TomorrowVentures. They were also incubated by 500startups, being the first company in all of Latin America to be supported in this way.


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//Other facts

In 2008 he was nominated as one of the 100 young Chilean leaders by the newspaper El Mercurio, and was nominated as “Technological Entrepreneur of the Year” by the newspaper Diario Financiero in Chile.

Together with Welcu, Nicolás Orellana was chosen by ProChile as part of the 100 best innovations in Chile in 2012 and they were chosen by The Next Web as the Best Start-up in Chile in that same year.


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Nicolás Orellana : @norellana

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