Mike Quinn

Mike Quinn is CEO and Co-founder of Zoona, a propose-driven African FinTech.


Birth Year: Unknown year
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2008: University of Oxford. MBA Social Entrepreneurship.
2007: The London School of Economics and Political Science. MSc. Development Management
2003: The University of British Columbia. B.A.Sc. Mechanical Engineering

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Early days

Mike Quinn grew up in Canada. He started as an entrepreneur when he was a volunteer in Ghana and Zambia with "Engineers Without Borders, Canada." In 2009, Mike partnered with Brad and Brett Magrath before the first transaction of Zoona. He got a $ 200k investment from the Grassroots Business Fund and helped design the company's micro-franchise network to get instant money transfers in Zambia's cash-based economy.


Mike Quinn convinced his parents to transfer $ 100k during a premature cash crisis of Zoona. After this, Quinn became CEO of the company and partnered with his former MBA classmate Keith Davis, who as CFO helped to raise $ 4M in a Series A round in 2012.

Mike Quinn has helped Zoona to raise $ 23M in venture capital, as well as expand its active client base. Zoona has processed $ 1.2B in transactions.

Zoona is located in Mauritius, with offices in South Africa and operations in Zambia, Malawi, and Mozambique.
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Other facts

Zoona has helped create entrepreneurs by offering a mobile payment platform. Nike Foundation and Unreasonable Institute chose the startup as one of the companies that have most helped girls out of poverty. Zoona has generated $ 26M in revenue for 3,000 microentrepreneurs.

Mike Quinn recently announced that he would leave his position as CEO of the company to hand over to his partner and co-founder Brad Magrath.


Mike Quinn : @zoonamike

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