Mateo Salvatto

Mateo Silva is the Argentine programmer responsible for ¡Háblalo! an application that facilitates the life of deaf people.


Birth Year: 1999
Country of birth:


2016: Escuelas Técnicas ORT, Electronics/Informatics
2019: Instituto de Tecnología ORT, Systems Analyst

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Early days

Mateo Salvatto has always been interested in robotics, and his studies at a technical school helped him to close it. He started developing for robotics in 2014 when he was 15 years old.

Mateo Salvatto's mother was a teacher for deaf people, so Mateo always listened about the deaf people's problems. His concern for the deaf and his ability to program push Mateo to create ¡Habálo!, an Android application that serves as a real-time translator to translate from voice to text and vice versa.


Mateo Salvatto described this app as a way to subtitle the world and make your phone speak for you. Google language processor serves the app, which has a user interface designed specifically for people with disabilities.

The app's success wasn't something planned by Mateo Salvatto since he had done it to help acquaintances. Even so, in the first year, the application was downloaded more than 25,000 times by users in 45 different countries.

In recent years, much of its expansion has focused on being able to help more people. That's why Mateo Salvatto has directed on establishing commercial agreements with companies and public administration. So, these companies can use the application, and their services are more accessible to the community.
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Other facts

Mateo Salvatto's company has been very successful in its expansion, managing to help more than 45,000 people to date, in 46 different countries of the world.

The efforts of Mateo Savatto have not been ignored since he has received many awards around the world. Buenos Aires' government declared the program as a social interest software, and ENACOM chose it as the best application of 2017. The MIT Technology Review also recognized it in 2018 in its category of Innovators under 35.


Mateo Salvatto : @mateons

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