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Marc Miance

Marc Miance is a French movie producer and technologist, the founder and CEO of Alkymia since 2010.


• 1995-1997: ESRA school of cinema (France)

//Early days

At a young age, he developed a passion for video games and computer assisted graphics. While attending the IMAGINA computer graphics annual festival, he met Stéphane Dalbera, then a reseller of motion capture company Vicon France.

Later on, Miance joined the ESRA cinema school in Paris where he specialized in Computer Graphics. During this period, he worked side by side with multiple French cinematographers, including Florent Mounier, Benoît Di Sabatino, Olivier Renouard, and Philippe Soeiro, among others.


In 1997, Miance imagined BW, a monochromatic film combining CGI with digitally rendered 2D imagery. The film’s pilot was directed by fellow ESRA alumni Martin Arnaldo and motion-captured by Stéphane Dalbera. In 1998, BW was screened at the 51th Cannes Film Festival.

In 2000, Miance partnered with André Leyronnas and Frédéric Levy to create Attitude Studio, a production company specialized in computer generated imagery. The team created Eve Solal, one of the world’s first fully digital characters to be created for commercial purposes. Throughout the 2000’s, Attitude Studio did animation and CGI work for television series and documentaries in France (Galactik Football, A Species Odyssey). With the addition of Sandrine Nguyen to the team, the studio broadened its services to the US video game industry, producing cinematics for games like Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness and Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Conspiracy.

Whilst in California, Marc Miance worked with big US film production companies, including Dreamworks, Warner Bros, Focus Features and Walt Disney Pictures.

In 2003, Marc Miance resumed some of his early work in BW to create the visual concept for a new feature film, Renaissance. The animated feature expanded Miance’s motion capture techniques and character animation modelling in both 3D and 2D graphics. Renaissance was notably lauded for its technical prowess under Miance’s supervision, and it got screened at Pixar Animation Studios. In 2006, the film won the A


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//Other facts

Marc Miance may have imported the first digital video editing board to France from England.

Marc Miance sat as an expert on various innovation committees of the French National Centre for Cinema and the Moving Image (CNC).

His wife, Isabelle Miance, is a co-founder of Alkymia.


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