Born: 1991 - Brazil

Lincoln Ando is a Brazilian entrepreneur. He is founder of IDWall, a company that seeks to protect against fraud through artificial intelligence.

Early days

In 2011, Lincoln Ando realized about the risks of identity fraud while he was working at Banco Original, the first 100% digital bank in Brazil. After spending three years trying to solve the problem, he concluded that large companies were not fast enough to innovate and be able to make the necessary changes.

Lincoln Ando decided to go to the United States to continue his security training. Upon returning, he participated in the foundation of VaiVolta, a market for construction companies. Lincoln Ando noticed that he once again faced with the problem of establishing a relationship of trust between two companies that do not know each other.

Fraud causes all these problems. It costs more than 16 billions of dollars, according to estimates. A general solution used by countries is to use more bureaucratic processes, which end up making any legal process excessively long because of all the checkpoints.


  • 2013: Universidade Estadual de Campinas, System Analysis and Development
  • 2013: Infosec Institute, Offensive Security
  • 2019: Harvard Business School, Programme for Leadership Development

Works for


Lincoln Ando is looking to solve this problem through artificial intelligence and data analysis. IDWall was born in 2016 in that way. It reduces bureaucratic processes so that they take less than 30 minutes.

IDWall is a platform that allows businesses to verify the identity of their clients to avoid fraud. Lincoln Ando's platform checks the validation of an identity document with a photograph, comparing the information with the data of the agencies that publish those identities.

Then, by capturing consecutive photos, it is verified if the customer is really the person he claims to be. The last step of Lincoln Ando's software is to check the liquidity of the client through more than 200 sources, from criminal lists to legal responses.



Lincoln Ando : @idwall_co

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Other facts

Lincoln Ando's work is not limited to software development alone. From 2015 to 2016, he was Chief of Planning and Content Healing for the Innovators Summit, an event that brings together the world's brightest minds to take the business world to the next level.