Lei Jun

Lei Jun is a Chinese investor. He was CEO of Kingsoft, and he co-founded Xiaomi Inc, one of the largest mobile phone makers in the world.


• 1989, Wuhan University, Bachelor in Computer Sciences

Early days

Lei Jun was born in Xiantao, Hubei, China. He attended the Mianyang Middle School and he started their studies in 1987 at Wuhan University. He graduated with a BA in Computer Science in just two years.


• 2014. Businessman of the year by Forbes Asia.
• 2003. Honorary professor at the Zhengzhou Institute of Engineering


Lei Jun founded his first company during his last year in college, known as Gundugoms. In 1992, Lei started working as an Engineer in Kingsoft. He was named CEO of the company in 1998, and he led towards an IPO. In 2007, Lei resigned due to health reasons. After that, he became an angel investor in China.

In 2010, Lei Jun founded Xiaomi Inc with other Chinese Engineers.

Other facts

Lei Jun invested in over 20 companies in China. He still invests in companies related to e-commerce, social networking, and mobile industries through Shunwei Capital. He is married and he has two children.


Lei Jun : @leijun


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