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Javier Cardona

Javier Cardona

Javier Cardona is the founder of 1Doc3, a health app.


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Javier Cardona : @jcardona78

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• 2002: Universidad Externado de Colombia, Business Administration Degree
• Master of the School of Administration, Finance and Technological Institute (EAFIT), Marketing

//Early days

Javier Cardona spent a lot of time working at Telefónica, with roles from analyst to digital marketing manager. He got a job with Aldeamo, where he was the Middle East and Africa’s general director. During this time he lived in the Middle East, specifically in Dubai.

When Cardona lived in the Middle East, he was an active person and always tried to do some exercise to stay in shape. One day when he went jogging, he got a knee injury. Being in a foreign country, he had no idea which doctor to go to, which hospital would offer quality treatment. Since his injury was not very serious, he decided to stay at home and search for information to cure himself.

Javier Cardona thought that it would not be very complicated to deal with the wound being a minor injury. It would be like looking for a recipe online, and there would be people with experience that would help in that. This was not the case. Getting information was a problem. Nobody online could answer these minor problems, and not being a doctor Cardona did not know what information was valid and what was useless.

Cardona research online and he was not the only person with this problem, millions of people had a similar problem to get such simple information.


His goal became that the largest people can answer their medical questions for free. He joined with Alejandro Pinzón, Julián Villareal and Nicolás Durán to solve the problem. This is how 1doc3 was born. 1doc3 has achieved to expand to 122 countries around the world, gaining great international success.

With the idea in mind, they went to the Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies. Thanks to the initiative of Apps.co, they obtained the necessary knowledge to start their business. They received relevant training and restructured the idea to make it as viable as possible.

One innovation was to ensure the reputation of the doctors who answered doubts, so his clients would be sure that they are receiving help from a professional. Some doctors already had an online presence, but they constantly received the same questions. Javier worked to save the time of these professionals by keeping certain questions.

Anonymity has greatly helped users of 1Doc3. Most people felt more comfortable with that and they asked more questions about taboo topics. For example, the largest numbers of questions have been related to sex (29%).


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//Other facts

Cardona was invited to participate in Free Basics, an initiative to facilitate access to digital tools for those with few resources. Mark Zuckerberg recognizes the project and pointed it out as an example of initiatives that improve the conditions of the population.


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//Other links


Javier Cardona : @jcardona78

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