Federico Hernández

Federico Hernández is the CFO of Blended, a platform to improve communication between parents and schools.


Birth Year: 1993
Country of birth:


2013: Economics in Finance at the University of San Andres

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Early days

For his research work at the University, Federico Hernández noted that the main problem in the management of schools was in communication with families: 90% of the messages mixed the mail, the telephone calls and communicated in the notebook.

Hernández observed models in the United States and replicated it in Argentina with a local version and focusing on cell phones.


With his partner Nicolás Giménez, Federico Hernández created Blended in 2016. It is a management platform for schools in the cloud, which includes a mobile application so that parents can receive relevant information from their children.

"We digitalize the communications notebook and the internal management of the schools, which are full of forms. We replace the artisanal mix, the communication notebook, the Excel spreadsheets, and the mail chains. Today 90% of the schools are managed with paper and mail chains and 10% of the market, of ABC1, with the old school management systems. Our solution is aimed at private and middle-class schools, " said Giménez.
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Other facts

Blended ganó el concurso Seedstars, compitiendo contra 12 startups finalistas de mercados emergentes. Con esto, podrá recibir 500 mil dólares para su aceleración.

La compañía acaba de recibir inversión de los fondos internacionales Omidyar Network, de los fundadores de eBay, y WinWin, de los fundadores de, a pesar de la volatilidad macro que sufrió Argentina el año pasado. Por eso, está analizando la propuesta de inversión de Seedstars. El negocio podría requerir hoy más tiempo de dedicación e innovación que dinero para cumplir con dos objetivos.


Federico Hernández : @fedehernandez1


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