Eugenio Marín

Eugenio Marín is a Mexican businessman who seeks to improve the situation of entrepreneurs through TechBA.


Birth Year: Unknown year
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2004, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mechanical Engeenering

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Early days

The entrepreneur work started early for Eugenio Marín. In 2004 he co-founded case4de GmbH, a start-up branch of a global company, based in Germany, dedicated to designing and integrating virtual command cabins and cabinets systems for the aerospace sector in the European market, working as CTO for the Americas. During his time with the company he was in charge of more than just the business side, he also helped with the design of the pieces and the aeronautical technology.

Eugenio Marín helped TechBA early, through the United States Foundation for Science in Mexico (FUMEC). In 2006, he was in charge of validating the business model of the companies that were applying for the program, as well as being the creator of the pre-acceleration program. Another of his works included analyzing the potential and market opportunities for technology companies. He also gave advice on innovation, technology commercialization, value proposition analysis and methodologies, and diagnosis of a corporation.


In 2012 Eugenio Marín founded, a technology start-up that was looking to define new paradigms to solve global problems. Zinssa Technologies seeks to provide protection for its customers through security systems.

Eugenio Marín is the TechBA CEO, an accelerator for business in the technology market. Its duty is to ensure successful operations, develop business intelligence systems and strengthen the TechBA network to support companies in the program.
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Other facts

Eugenio Marín has been a member of the management board of since 2010. CorporateStays is a global and dynamic company focused on executive homes, offering high-end apartments to corporate clients. This company focuses mainly on the regions of Canada and Central America, seeking to bring comfort to those who need a place to live temporarily or permanently.


Eugenio Marín : @4geneem


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