Elena Chong

Elena Chong is a Centroamerican entrepreneur. With Tinkerall, she supported the Maker movement in Panama.


• 2018, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Master of Sciences, in Media Arts and Science
• 2016, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Electrical Engineering

Early days

When she was a university student, Elena Chong made a couple of residencies at the Lewis Research Group of the Wyss Institute (Harvard). In the first two weeks, Chong joined Electroninks, a laboratory spin-off. At that time, she helped obtain the components for an educational product in Shenzhen, China. During the rest of her stay, she worked at Voxel8, a 3D printing startup that is the first to create a 3D electronic printer.

In her second internship, Chong worked at the HCI Group of the Max Planck Institute for Computer Science, at Saarland University. At that time, she worked to create a proof of concept for a project called HotFlex, a new approach to placing parts of a 3D object.

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After finishing her career, Elena Chong returned to Panama to start a company that would inspire the Maker movement. She and her team developed numerous hands-on courses for students and teachers. Chong started as a YouTube channel that taught electronics and programming principles in Spanish. They reached 2.5K subscribers. The tutorials are related to the Arduino program.

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Other facts

Elena Chong also participated in the Coordinator Program for the National Digital Manufacturing and Maker Culture Program in Panama. She administered a budget of $ 525k to establish a pilot laboratory in the country. Chong, along with other makers, organized the first Panama Maker Day in December 2016.


Elena Chong : @@EChongL

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