Cristina de la Peña

Cristina de la Peña is the Synapbox founding entrepreneur. Synapbox allows analyzing the reaction of the population to propaganda more easily.


Birth Year: 1990
Country of birth:


2014: Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Bachelor of Architecture
2015: Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture Paris, Master of Architecture
2014: Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México, Enterprise Creation and Growth

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Early days

Cristina de la Peña started with Synetiq, a collaborative project of people with diverse expertise such as design, neuroscience, artificial intelligence, and communication. Some of Synetiq's activities include developing software products, in addition to providing consulting services.


Cristina de la Peña created Synapbox to avoid expenses in sponsorship campaigns that may affect them in a negative way. Synapbox allows companies to know if the company's strategy will serve well for the audience they want to sponsor.

Before, the companies used mainly small group studies to get the opinion of a few people in the group and to have an idea of the potential of a campaign. Because just a part of the population did the study, the campaign's results could be different from what was analyzed. Another problem that Cristina de la Peña noticed is that people could not be completely honest about their opinions.

Synapbox solved these two problems again with technology. The Cristina de la Peña's company collects, measures, and analyzes people reactions in real time while they are viewing the material that the company wants to launch. It only needs people to have to use a system that is in front of a camera. People will watch propaganda in a natural environment.
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Other facts

Cristina de la Peña's success can be recognized thanks to her prominent clients: Samsung, Televisa, BBVA, and Coca-Cola.

Cristina de la Peña was recognized in 2018 by the list of MIT Technology Review Innovators Under 35.

Cristina de la Peña was part of the board of directors of the National Institute of the Entrepreneur in Mexico.

Another rank that she took was that of the founder of the Association of Entrepreneurs of Mexico, helping to form this association.


Cristina de la Peña : @acdlpo


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