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Ángel Sahagún

Ángel Sahagún is the Mexican entrepreneur who founded Albo and has worked to transform the banking sector to be more accessible for everybody.


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Ángel Sahagún : @angelsahagun

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• 2012, Anahuac University , Industrial Engineer
• 2012, University of Pennsylvania, Gamification Course
• 2013: University of Virginia, Business Administration Course

//Early days

Although Ángel Sahagún achieved his fame thanks to his work in Albo, his first company was other and was also related to personal finances.

MoneyMenttor was the first company founded by Ángel Sahagún in 2010. This app tried to help its users to manage their money, by linking bank accounts and thus be able to deal with their debt from a website. Additionally, the app informs about the payment dates of cards and the cut-off dates. The app of Angel Sahagún helps its users to manage their money more efficiently.


In Mexico, there are around 42 million people who do not yet have bank accounts, according to estimates. Seeing the problem for this population sector, Ángel Sahagún started working in Albo and launched it in 2016. Despite wanting to help the unbanked population, Albo is a product that Ángel Sahagún prefers to define as an app, not as a bank account.

Albo offers much of the same services as a bank, but it is very far from all the banks that exist. Although Albo allows users to receive and transfer money, in addition to allowing them to make purchases in lines with an associated card, it doesn’t own public offices, and users don’t have to pay anything to maintain their account.


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//Other facts

Ángel Sahagún wants to transform society and has commented on the technology companies with that power. Shagún’s interests include football, reading, and good eating. He is a Real Madrid fan. Indeed, his passion for football is related to one of the first jobs he achieved, working in 2005 as a columnist in the sports section for Novedades de Campeche.

Ángel Sahagún is also an investor, having invested in MisRentas.mx, an app to administer applications with ease.


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//Other links


Ángel Sahagún : @angelsahagun

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