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María Laura Cuya

María Laura Cuya es una emprendedora peruana, CEO de innova-funding y fundador de


Marcelo Claure

Marcelo Claure is a Bolivian entrepreneur and COO of Softbank Group.


Bel Pesce

Bel Pesce is a Brazilian entrepreneur, writer and influential speaker. Her last startup is BeDream App.


Federico Hernández

Federico Hernández is the CFO of Blended, a platform to improve communication between parents and schools.

Aline Oliveira, Founder & CEO TrAIve

Aline Oliveira

Aline Oliveira is Founder & CEO of TrAIve, a company that uses data analysis and artificial intelligence (AI) to improve the prediction of investment risk in farms.


Lincoln Ando

Lincoln Ando is a Brazilian entrepreneur. He is founder of IDWall, a company that seeks to protect against fraud through artificial intelligence.


Manuel Redondo

Manuel Redondo is a Mexican entrepreneur who has sought to advance the development of smart cities in Latin America.


Mateo Salvatto

Mateo Silva is the Argentine programmer responsible for ¡Háblalo! an application that facilitates the life of deaf people.


Cristina de la Peña

Cristina de la Peña is the Synapbox founding entrepreneur. Synapbox allows analyzing the reaction of the population to propaganda more easily.


Ángel Sahagún

Ángel Sahagún is the Mexican entrepreneur who founded Albo and has worked to transform the banking sector to be more accessible for everybody.