Who's Who of entrepreneurs and executives in the tech industry.



Andrés Sarrazola

Andrés Sarrazola is CEO of Ayenda Rooms, a hotels chain in Colombia based on a startup.

Mónica Abarca

Mónica Abarca

Mónica Albarca is CEO of qAIRa, a startup that develops drones and sensors for air quality monitoring.


Caterina Fake

Caterina Fake is an American entrepreneur, known for being the founder of Flickr.


Adolfo Babatz

Adolfo Babatz is CEO of Clip, Mexican fintech that helps small businesses to receive payments with bank cards.


Mike Quinn

Mike Quinn is CEO and Co-founder of Zoona, a propose-driven African FinTech.


María Laura Cuya

María Laura Cuya es una emprendedora peruana, CEO de innova-funding y fundador de FactoringLab.com.


Marcelo Claure

Marcelo Claure is a Bolivian entrepreneur and COO of Softbank Group.


Bel Pesce

Bel Pesce is a Brazilian entrepreneur, writer and influential speaker. Her last startup is BeDream App.


Federico Hernández

Federico Hernández is the CFO of Blended, a platform to improve communication between parents and schools.

Aline Oliveira, Founder & CEO TrAIve

Aline Oliveira

Aline Oliveira is Founder & CEO of TrAIve, a company that uses data analysis and artificial intelligence (AI) to improve the prediction of investment risk in farms.