Alex Tinsman

Alex Tinsman is the CEO of NEM, a company that promotes the adoption and development of Blockchain.
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Early days

Before joining NEM, Alexandra Tinsman directed for several years her own consulting firm called Tinsman Consulting. During more than 20 years of professional work, Tinsman accumulated experience in software analytics, marketing, product development, and experience in community development, focusing on online games.

Since before entering the world of cryptocurrencies, she worked with some of the first interchangeable digital goods in Pokémon Online, Magic: The Gathering Online, League of Legends, and the Xbox Digital Marketplace.

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Before assuming the role of president of NEM, Tinsman was in charge of the North American regional division of NEM. In 2018, Tinsman was appointed as CEO of the company, at a time when it was going through a crisis that had put it near bankruptcy.

In her candidacy as president of NEM, Tinsman presented a YouTube video where she underlined the three goals she has to get NEM out of the pitfall. As a first point, Tinsman noted the launch of the Catapult Roadmap, a transition plan that involved economic adjustment and sustainability plans. Tinsman promised to launch the Catapult roadmap at the end of the 2019 quarter.

As a second point, Tinsman promised to ensure that NEM developers are the best people and that they have the support they need to be as good or better in the crypto ecosystem. For this, he proposed measurable objectives for Q1 and the rest of 2019.

Finally, Tinsman promised to add transparency and responsibility to the foundation, so that they will update the bylaws to avoid later issues.

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Other facts

Tinsman accumulates experience in the marketing of B2B products with brands in blockchain, hi-tech, games, entertainment, and online services, as well as experience in group management and leadership.


Alex Tinsman : @Inside_Nem


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