Alex Lieberman

Alex Lieberman

Alex Lieberman is the founder and CEO of Morning Brew, a daily newsletter with more than a million subscribers.


2015, University of Michigan, Bachelor of Business Administration

Early days

Alex Liberman studied business administration at the University of Michigan. While he was a student, he launched a preparatory email interview service. From this work, Lieberman realized that his colleagues, who aspired to be business leaders, wanted to consume much more attractive financial news than there was.

Lieberman hoped to enter finance, which in fact he did after graduating when he started working at Morgan Stanley as Agency MBS Trader. While working there, he sent out his daily newsletters, until he realized that he enjoyed sending mailing lists more than his work at Morgan Stanley.


When Alex Lieberman noticed that he found mailing lists more attractive than his job at Morgan Stanley, he quit his job to found Morning Brew, a startup he co-founded with co-founder Austin Rief.

Lieberman notes that in the first two and a half years, he and his partner only did one thing: send out a daily newsletter and do it extremely well. Today, Morning Brew delivers business news quickly and easily to more than a million readers, successfully changing the way business professionals approach the media. The newsletter now has four products: the core newsletter, the retail newsletter, the technology newsletter, and the podcast.

With the Morning Brew, Lieberman focused primarily on the creative aspect, while his co-founder Reif worked on the analytical elements of the Morning Brew. Lieberman ensures that storytelling is part of the newsletter's success secret, as well as a commitment to tell complex topics in an affordable way for its readers.

Liberman believes that understanding how to teach something makes people hypersensitive to good stories. This feature is at the heart of Morning Brew.


Forbes 30 Under 30

Other facts

Alex Lieberman is the first in his family in three generations not to pursue a career on Wall Street. He places more emphasis on curiosity than professional experience.


Alex Lieberman : @BUSlNESSBARISTA

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